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PMC Health Links Update

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

PMC Health Links

Trusted and informative websites that our physicians recommend for their patients.

Brought to you by the physicians of Pacific Medical Centers in Seattle, WA: http://www.pacificmedicalcenters.org/ The links will be presented in this blog format until they are uploaded to our new external website in the near future, which you will be forwarded to from this page when available. This page will be updated frequently, so feel free to add to your favorites for future reference.

The information on this blog is not meant to replace health care or other services, but is provided as information only. All of these links will take you to outside websites that have their own privacy guidelines. Pacific Medical Centers claims no responsibility for any of the information contained on this, or any of the linked, websites. Linking to these websites does not constitute any endorsement of any of the sponsors, or institutions, that provide the information. Please see your health care provider to decide on the relevance of any information that you review on the internet.


Fact Sheets (for common skin problems from the American Academy of Dermatology)
Eczema Primer (learn all you need to know to help stop the itch)
Hyperhidrosis (a supportive website with helpful information about excessive perspiration)
Psoriasis (link to the National Psoriasis Foundation)
Skin Cancer (learn about the various types of skin cancer and also how to prevent them)


American Diabetes Association (home page for an excellent resource)
Blood glucose log (log book for your blood sugars)
Diabetic nutrition (learn how to help control your diabetes through diet)
Pre-Diabetes (learn more about helping to prevent your blood sugars from getting worse)

Diet and Nutrition

Chowbaby.com (has the calorie information for most fast-food restaurants)
Controlling your weight (numerous tips, calculators and menus to help you)
Healthy tips for eating out (choose the type of restaurant and learn what to order)
The Nutrition Source (healthy eating guide from the Harvard School of Public Health)

Ear, Nose and Throat

How to use nasal sprays correctly
Saline rinse recipe (for flushing your sinuses to help treat an infection)


Colonscopy (what it is and how to prepare)
Gastroenteritis- the “stomach flu” (tips on keeping hydrated, foods to avoid, etc…)


American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (patient handouts on a number of topics)

Birth Control/Contraception (links that provide education about a number of options)
HPV vaccine (learn more about this new vaccine from the CDC)
Pap smears (more information on what it is and what the results mean)

Heart Health

American Heart Association (index to a number of heart-related issues)
CPR in 3 steps (learn how to give simple CPR)
Hypertension: Guide to lowering high blood pressure (National Heart, Lung and Blood institute)
Your Cholesterol (learn what your numbers mean and how to control them)
Top 5 foods to lower your cholesterol


Blood Diseases (anemia, thalassemias and clotting disorders from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)
National Cancer Institute (excellent resource for many of your questions about cancer)


Drug Digest (learn more about prescription and herbal medications)
Drug Interaction Checker (see if your drugs could be interacting with each other)

Mental Health/Psychiatry

Depression (learn more about depression from the NIMH)
National Institute of Mental Health (lean more about common mental health topics)
ParentsMedGuide (guide about medication use in treating childhood depression)


Dizziness and Vertigo (index for a number of helpful resources from Medline Plus)
Epley maneuvers for benign positional vertigo (YouTube clip to teach you)
Migraine headaches (excellent handout from the mayoclinic.com website)

Neurologic Disorders (an index of information from the National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke with links to support groups and other information)


Active at Any Size (great information on helping you get physically active)
Calculate your BMI (your body-mass-index gives you information about your risks)

Ophthalmology/Optometry (eyes)

American Academy of Ophthalmology (learn more about eye diseases, surgery, and general eye health)
American Optometric Association (learn more about eye diseases and general eye health)
Donate your old glasses (learn how to help others by donating your old glasses)
Laser eye surgery (links to more information to help you understand the procedures)
National Eye Institute (facts about diseases of the eye)


American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (excellent resource for orthopedic issues)
FootPhysicians.com (information about foot and ankle disorders)
Low back pain exercise guide
Taking care of your cast


American Academy of Pediatrics (great resource for parents covering most health topics

Breastfeeding.com (helpful information to assist you on numerous topics)
Parent Map (information for parents about things going-on in the Puget Sound area)
Seattle Children’s Hospital (links to health topics and the Seattle Children’s website)
Vaccines and Immunizations (learn more about vaccines from the CDC website)


Babycenter.com (learn about your baby’s weekly development)
Medications and pregnancy (see what OTC meds you can take while pregnant)
Pregnancy calculator (check when you could be due)


Asthma (a Medline page with helpful links to learn more about all aspects of asthma)
Cough (learn what to look for and how to treat it)

How to use an inhaler correctly
Living well with COPD (a helpful, in-depth guide)
SleepEducation.com (learn about common sleep problems and how to help them)


Arthritis (learn more about arthritis and how to prevent it from the Arthritis Foundation)
Gout (excellent gout resource from the Mayoclinic.com website)
Osteoporosis (link to the National Osteoporosis Association for support and information)

Screening Recommendations

Breast cancer screening (recommendations from the National Cancer Institute)
Summary of recommendations for clinical preventive services (from the National Guideline Clearinghouse)
U.S. Preventive Task Force (evidence-based recommendations for preventive services)

Senior Services

Agency on Aging- Seattle
Fall prevention
Senior services of King county

Sexual Health

Erectile dysfunction (nice overview from the mayoclinic.com website)
HIV/AIDS (King County Public Health website with excellent resources)
Sexually transmitted diseases (link to the CDC website)

Substance Abuse

Alcohol (frequently asked questions, information and resources regarding alcoholism)
Index of substance abuse information and resources from Medline Plus
National Institute on Drug Abuse (excellent fact sheets about all drugs of abuse)


Quitting (index of additional resources to help you kick the habit)
Smokefree.gov (online guide to help you quit smoking)
Smokeless tobacco (index of information on the risks and ways to help you quit)
The Facts about Smoking (video or text format)

Travel Medicine

Travelers’ health (find out what shots and meds you may need for your trip)

Other health websites with excellent medical information for all topics

Medline Plus (information about diseases, medications and more)
Mayoclinic.com (excellent general information for most diseases)
FamilyDoctor.org (an excellent site also available in Spanish)
Healthfinder.gov (they have a nice “quick guide to healthy living”)